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Add Another Phone Number – Buy Phone Number UniVoxx Portal

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How to Add a Phone Number or Digital Line to your Existing Phone

You will need to have Admin permissions and access to the portal in order to make this request.

  • Once log in, go to your side menu bar and click the Call Routes> Drop menu will open, select Numbers category.

  • At his page, your current Numbers list will be displayed, giving you also the option at the top corner right to search and add/buy another phone Number.

Adding another phone Number to create an extension will incurred in extra expenses for your company.

Phone Number Buy page

  • Type in your selected area code or state in the search bar. You will be display will the available Numbers, once you have pick your Number click on the + icon to purchase this> A window to confirm your purchase will be shown.

After purchasing your number please remember to follow the articles on How to Route to enable or disable time base routing