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Conference Call GRP2601 Grandstream

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The GRP260x can host up to 5-way conference calls.

  • Initiate a Conference Call:

1) Establish the first call.

2) While 1 call is active, press on conference/ Invite softkey and dial the second conference number.

3) The conference will be established as soon as the dialed number answers the call.

4) During the conference, The host can add other conference members by pressing on Invite Softkey.

  • View Conference members.

Users can view conference members by pressing on the group members page1image1259906032 softkey, Information related to conference members will then be shown

  • Kick Conference members.

During the conference, press on conference info softkey to view conference members. Then use UP/DOWN softkey to select a member and press on kick page1image1259933536 softkey.

  • Hold The Conference:

1) During active conference, press on hold softkey to hold all conference parties.

2) Press on Unhold conference call.

End The Conference:

The conference will be terminated for all parties if the conference initiator hangs up or presses end call page1image1259572496 softkey