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How to access phonebook GRP2610 Grandstream

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  • CONTACTS Local Contacts

The local contacts can save up to 2000 entries. Users can manage contacts by adding, deleting, and modifying single contacts, downloading contacts from HTTP/TFTP server, importing contacts from external storage, and exporting contacts to external storage.

For more details, please refer to the admin Guide:


  • Add a single Contact

On the Local Contacts menu, select Local Phonebook then press on Add contact softkey page49image6803312and input

contact details such as First and last name, company/home/mobile numbers, distinctive Ringtone … and then press “Save” soft key. The new contact will be added to your local phonebook.

  • Phonebook

XML Phonebook syntax

User can add contacts using the below syntax in phonebook.xml file:

<Phone type=”Work”>
</Phone><Phone type=”Home”>