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How to Switch to UniVoxx

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UniVoxx was created to simplify telecom, our mission is to simply the process for you. We’re telecom experts, if you need something specific, chances are we’ve seen it before and know how to help. This article is designed to help answer most questions we get, not to overwhelm you. Our team members are available if you’d prefer to speak directly with us, just give us a ring at (313) 626 – 5000.

The Basics

  1. UniVoxx phones are hosted in the cloud and no on-premise servers or equipment is needed, apart from Desk Phones.
  2. Most of our plans include unlimited calling throughout the Contiguous United States.
  3. These plans typically allow for unlimited simultaneous calls, you can have multiple people on hold if you wish.
  4. An internet connection is required, and the majority of connections are more than sufficient for calling.


The UniVoxx Difference

  1. We care about you. Our growth is dependent on our happy customers, and we’re happy to say that all of our customers love us, or at least pretend like they do.
  2. Your opinion matters. Customer support drives our product. If we’re getting a support call from you, then something is too difficult. It’s our mission to simplify telecom.
  3. We are a software company, we do so much more than providing your dial-tone. UniVoxx is designed around modern technologies, enabling cost savings for you and a better product.
  4. Our support is in real time. First, we won’t send you to Asia for support. Second, our system was built to make instantaneous changes remotely; from changing your office hours, to updating a button on your phone, we can do it all remotely, in seconds.



  • An internet connection with at least 0.25Mbps per phone and less than a 30ms latency to Amazon. Almost all business internet connections will work, unless you’re trying to use satellite internet at the North Pole.
  • A hardwired ethernet/internet cable near each phone. If there is one that is being used, our phones can bridge the connection.
  • Lastly, a team player who doesn’t mind getting his/her hands dirty. For the most part this means unplugging the old, and plugging in the new. Even if we are coming on site to help with the install, it’s always nice to have a techie.


Existing Provider

  • Please make sure that you are out of your contract with your provider that provides your dial-tone.
  • If you have an on-premise phone system, you may have lease or service agreements.


Ancillary Devices

May customers have devices that interface with their phone systems. If you have one of these devices, please make sure your UniVoxx account representative is aware, as additional equipment may be required.

  • Door access control/triggers
  • Overhead pagers
  • Burglar/fire alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Postage machines
  • Fax machines