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How to transfer a Call? GRP2613 Grandstream

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Assuming that you are in a call and wish to transfer the call to another party.
Blind Transfer:
1) Press transfer button.

2) Dial the number and press the “BlindTrnf” softkey to complete transfer of active call.

  • Attended Transfer:

1) Press transfer button and the active LINE will be placed on hold automatically.

2) Dial the number and press Once the call is established, press the “AttTrnf” softkey.

3) Once the call is answered press Transfer softkey.

4) After the call is transferred, phone will display idle screen.

  • Dynamic Attended Transfer:

1) Set “Attended Transfer Mode” to “Dynamic” on Web GUI.

2) Establish one call first.

3) Press transfer key and the first call will be placed on hold automatically.

4) Dial the number and press SEND button

to make a second call.

5) Press transfer key again to make the transfer.

Notes: For Dynamic Attended Transfer, after dialing out the number for the second call, when the second call is not established yet (ringing), pressing “Cancel” will hang up the second call. If the second call is established (answered), pressing “Split” will resume the second call and keep the first call on hold.