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Initiate a Conference Call GRP2613 Grandstream

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  • Initiate a Conference Call:

Assuming that you are already in a conversation and wish to bring a third party together in a 3-way conference.

1) Press the conference page1image1351898544 button or softkey to bring up the conference dialing screen.

2) Dial the third party number followed by SEND key.

3) When the call is established to the third party, press the “ConfCall” softkey (or “Conference” button on GRP2614/GRP2616) to initiate the 3-way conference.

  • Cancel a Conference Call:

1) Press the “Kick” soft key in the conference dialing screen to remove one party and resume the two-way conversation.

  • Hold The Conference:

1) Press the hold button page1image1351957664to hold the conference call with all parties are on hold;

2) Press the “ReConf” soft key to resume the conference call; or select the corresponding blinking LINE to speak with an individual party.

  • End The Conference:

The conference will be terminated for all three parties if the conference initiator hangs up or presses the “EndCall” soft key.