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Replace User for Existing Extension assigned to another User

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This article will show how to remove or replace a user from an existing extension.

  • Deleting a User

On the sidebar Menu of the Portal, select the menu for Advanced> Users>

At the user page look for your user on the Search Bar, you will be able to delete the User from the Portal by clicking the trash icon option. (Deleting the change any physical device settings apart from the displayed users)

  • After deleting the user, go back to the Extensions page, select the extension to add the new user. At the top corner of the extension, click the edit icon next to the Extension #.

Voicemail information such as name and email for the existing extension will need to be updated manually.

After updating the user on the extension and the Voicemail information, click Update.

**Configured Line Keys, BLFs/Speed Dials will need to be updated**