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Submitting Porting Documentation for Bandwidth.

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When a customer requests to have one or all of their numbers ported into the UniVoxx system, documents and information will need to be provided.

Customers will need to sign and fill the form for the LOA(Letter of authorization) provide the last bill where the numbers to be ported will be shown.

Important notice

The customer will need to review if is currently under a contract, and if by terminating the contract ETF(early termination fees) will be charge.

The LOA will be provided by UniVoxx for the customer to fill the information, this information will need to be uploaded to the Bandwidth or UniVoxx Port Portal after been receive.


  • verify with customer the exact date and time of the port request – generally at least 1 week out. If the system isn’t completely transitioning on a given time or day, then it can be sooner.
  • On the day of the number port: We can often active numbers earlier. For example if a number is set to activate at 4PM EST, we can activate immediately as early as 8AM.
  • Service address on LOA should match the service address on existing customer invoice to a tee.

The information provided, such as the phone numbers to be ported, the BTN(billing telephone number), PIN, and address, will be uploaded to the UniVoxx Port Portal or the Bandwidth Platform as is showing in the LOA.

Confirmation on porting date/time should be converse due to deployment and best time for customer.