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Transfer a Call GRP2601 Grandstream

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Assuming that you are in a call and wish to transfer the call to another party.

  • Blind Transfer:

1) press TRANSFER page1image1259532320button and choose Blind Transfer.

2) Dial the transfer destination. 3) Press on transfer page1image1259554320 softkey.

  • Attended Transfer:

1) press TRANSFER page1image1259532320 button and choose and choose Attended Transfer.

2) Dial Transfer destination number and press on dial softkey

3) The first call will be put on Hold and a new call

will be initiated with the transfer destination.

4) When the second call is answered, Users could press on Switch page1image6576640 softkey to switch to the initial call (The second call will be put on hold) or press on transfer page1image6576432 softkey to complete the transfer.