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UniVoxx customers can make and receive calls from your mobile devices as if you were calling from your desk phone. Before following this article, please verify that you have QR code, an activation email, or an activation SMS. If you do not have this, please have your your company administrator generate a mobile application invitation by following the instructions here.

  1. To download your UniVoxx app, please download the UniVoxx application from your mobile app store using one of the following links: App Store(iOS) or Play Store(Android)
  2. Once the app has been downloaded, you can setup the application!
    – If you have received an SMS or email, click the ‘ACTIVATE’ button. This will launch the application and automatically log you into your account.
    – If you have received a QR code, please open the UniVoxx app, click “Scan QR”*, and then scan the QR code.
    *You may be promoted to ‘allow’ the application to use your camera. This is required to scan the QR code.

3. After completing the initial setup, please be aware that you MUST allow the app permissions.
– Go to the Keypad and make a test call. As soon as the other party answers, the phone will request permission to use your microphone.
– You will need to allow the app permission to open the camera from the app in order to scan the QR Code.

4. You can now make and receive calls the same way as if you were in your office with your Desk Phone!

Common Troubleshooting:

  • Top left corner of app shows “ACCOUNT_DISABLED”: This means that your mobile device has been disabled on the UniVoxx Portal. Before you can update to a new extension, you must reset the application.

  • Top left corner of app has a RED circle: The UniVoxx mobile application is unable to properly connect to the cloud infrastructure. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet, or reach out to your IT professional to ensure that your firewall is not blocking our servers.

Resetting UniVoxx Mobile Application:

If you ever need to reset the app or get a new device, you will have to click on the settings/tool icon at the top right corner. This will take you to the page where “reset application” options is available.